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Security Patrol

Mobile Roving Patrol, protecting properties and assets.

Unarmed/Armed Security

Trained Officers ensuring safety with vigilant protection measures.

Off Duty Police Officers

Security Services from Active Law Enforcement Professionals.

Disaster Response

Rapid Emergency Mitigation and Support when disaster strikes.

Fire Watch

Vigilant Monitoring to Prevent and Address fire risks.

Much More!

TPS provides many services to tailor to all sorts of clients!

About Us

Welcome to TriStar Protective Services, your premier security provider in Nashville, Tennessee. Founded by Law Enforcement Officers in 2022, We are committed to ensuring your safety and peace of mind with our top-quality security services. Our highly trained and professional security personnel are equipped to handle a wide range of security challenges. Whether you need armed or unarmed security, mobile patrols, event security, disaster response, or fire watch services, we have you covered. As a local company, we understand the unique security needs of our community and tailor our solutions accordingly. 

Ready. Always Ready.

Find the problem and become the solution. 

Comprehensive Risk Assessments

We provide a thorough and professional risk assessment service, identifying vulnerabilities and recommending solutions to effectively mitigate potential risks for our clients.

Tailored Security Solutions

With a understanding of individual client needs, we provide customized security solutions that address specific vulnerabilities, offering a comprehensive approach to safeguarding people and assets.

Our Most Used Services


Our Security Patrol service offers regular and comprehensive mobile security checks and surveillance for residential communities, commercial properties, and more. Our highly trained security officers conduct patrols of your premises to deter potential threats, vandalism, and trespassing. With our officer presence and real-time reporting, you can rest assured that your property is under constant watch, ensuring a safe and secure environment.

Our Unarmed Security service offers expert protection without the use of firearms. Our professionally trained security officers focus on preventive measures and de-escalation techniques to maintain a safe environment for your business or event. With a friendly and approachable demeanor, they provide a reassuring presence while ensuring the safety and well-being of your guests and staff.

With our Armed Security service, we provide an added layer of protection for high-risk environments or sensitive situations. Our extensively trained and licensed armed guards are equipped to handle potential security threats with utmost professionalism. They undergo continuous training and adhere to strict protocols, guaranteeing the highest level of security for your assets and personnel.

Our Off Duty Police officer service offers an exceptional level of security by providing active-duty law enforcement officers during their off-duty hours. With their extensive training and experience, they bring unmatched expertise to protect your property, control crowds, and handle critical situations with precision and authority.

In times of crisis, our Disaster Response team is at your service. Trained to manage and mitigate the impact of emergencies, natural disasters, or man-made incidents, our experienced responders act swiftly to protect lives and property. From initial assessment to coordinated recovery efforts, our disaster response service ensures a seamless and effective response.

Our Fire Watch service is designed to prevent, detect, and respond to fire hazards effectively. Our vigilant and trained fire watch personnel conduct regular patrols, monitoring fire safety systems, and ensuring compliance with fire codes. In the event of an emergency, they take immediate action, alerting authorities and guiding occupants to safety until the situation is under control.


Take a look at a typical shift for some of our security officers in the video below!


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